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May 2, 2022

1> Check their machine shop

Go to and choose one factory, the most important thing is to check their equipment machine shop, if they are new or not. 


2> Talk with their team manager

Ask some questions to their manager, full experience manager can reply to all your questions very faster, and solve them smoothly. Then you can judge whether their team is professional or not



3>ZYCAPS manufacturer, your best choice of custom beanies supplier

The full experience, they have custom beanies since 1992. We can custom all kinds of beanies which in the market, and have more experience to solve any problems in the production.
New and best Equipment. If we want to make the hats out beautiful, we should have a good equipment machine shop. All our embroidery and print machine are new
Good service team. Our team manager has been in this area for about 10 years. The service and quality control are very good.



zycaps factory


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