Custom Beanie Hat Manufacturer


ZYCAPS-We are a company integrating industry and trade.

100% real custom knitted beanie hat manufacturer, zycaps has make custom all kinds of beanies for world wide brand  since 1992.

ZYCAPS focused on providing best suitable solution way of your own beanie  project with private label and uncompromising service.

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Custom Knitted Beanie Hat Manufacturer

Just send your own beanies pic and your embroidery/print logo pic to us. We can design the hat out for you. Same quality with lowest price arrangement.

  • Designs: Just tell us your idea about your hat and references from our customer care, and we can give the best solution way to you for your project. Contact us: now!
  • Material : 100% acrylic , 30%wool 70%acrylic; 50% wool 50% acrylic . All color available.
  • Common :Weight: 70-110 gram
  • Types:  custom beanies with Logo ( Embroidery, print, PVC, or Leather patch logo); embroidered beanies (flat embroidery, 3d embroidery, mix embroidery); custom knit beanies(wool, cotton, acrylic); no minimum.
  1. Send the email to your inquiry
  2. Sample confirmed
  3. Make the deposit
  4. Bulk order
  5. Delivery(By DHL/FEDEX/EMS; By Air; By Sea)
  • By DHL/FEDEX/EMS door to door(3-7days)
  • By Air Airport to Airport (3-7 days)
  • By Sea Seaport to Seaport (3-7days)

Custom Beanies Size: Length :21-23cm ; Fold part:3-4cm ; Width: 20-22CM ( Can do as your inquiry)

Send the email to us: to get in a stock-free sample.

We can make all kinds of Custom beanies for you, We can custom beanies with 3d embroidery logos, flat embroidery logos, Jacquard logos,s and so on. (Size can do as your inquiry)

After you make the order, we will update you every 5 days, and send emails and pics to you about your custom caps order situation. Track the order for you across all the cap-making processes.


embroidered beanie manufacturer


We have customers of all kinds of beanies before, we are very good at making all kinds of custom beanies. Such as custom beanie with pom, custom printed beanie hat, custom logo beanie, and custom beanie embroidery.
custom headwear

Custom beanie

custom snapback factory

3D embroidered

custom baseball hats

Custom beanies with logo

custom fitted hats

4 corner customized beanies

promotional hats australia

Custom beanies with pom

Slight Bent Brim

Custom beanies with embroidered logo patch

custom fitted hats

Custom beanies with Jacquard logo

promotional hats australia

Beanies with fox fur pom and leather patch

Slight Bent Brim

Beanies with Digital printed logo

custom fitted hats

custom all over print beanies

promotional hats australia

Custom knit beanies no minimum

Slight Bent Brim

Merino wool Beanie manufacturer

custom fitted hats

Flat embroidery

promotional hats australia

custom jacquard beanie

Slight Bent Brim

Fur pompom beanie

custom fitted hats

customize beanie with name

beanie manufacturer

Private label hat manufacturers

beanie manufacturer

merino wool beanie manufacturer

custom fitted hats
beanie factory
beanie factory
custom fitted hats
promotional hats australia
Slight Bent Brim
custom fitted hats
promotional hats australia
Slight Bent Brim
custom fitted hats
promotional hats australia
Slight Bent Brim
custom fitted hats
promotional hats australia
Slight Bent Brim

2. Which kind of beanie hat can our factory make?

Design: all kinds of designs, such as 4 corner beanies, 6 corner beanies, beanies without the pompom, beanies with pompom,woven beanie, merino wool beanie,custom all over print beanie, beanie with leather patch

Logo: 3D embroidery on the front folded part, flat embroidery on the front folded part, print logo, PVC logo, metal logo, woven patch logo, all print logo beanie, Jacquard logo beanie,woven beanie,europe beanie,private label hat manufacturer.

Material: cotton, merino wool, acrylic.

Just send the design pic and logo pic to us, or choose a hat from our customer case or google, we can make the exact same hats with your logo out for you. Tell us the function and application, and we will give the most suitable solution way to you, including material, logo, price, and so on.


beanie factory



1, A good kid  beanie material must be Environmentally friendly

2, When you get the sample, feel it, is it soft or not? A soft beanie  is better than a hard one
3, Check the beanies embroidered and printed logo, Are they good and clear?
4, The good and big customized beanies manufacturer can dye material according to Pantone’s color id.
5, Good beanies suppliers can offer all kinds of beanies in different sizes, they not only can make beanies but also can make other knitted products. Their developing sample ability must be very good.



  • 90-100gram per pc.
  • Size: length: 20-21cm , width:21cm , folded part:6-7cm.
  • 100Pcs ,box size:57cm *47cm *37cm.
  • 150Pcs ,box size:67cm *57cm *37cm.
  • 200 Pcs ,box size: 67cm*57cm*47cm.
custom fitted hats
promotional hats australia


custom fitted hats
promotional hats australia
Slight Bent Brim
Slight Bent Brim


  • Make the design out
  • Drawing in the custom knitted beanies system
  • Choose the material from the color swatch or dying material as Cantonese color id
  • Knitted beanies patches
  • Embroidery beanies logo or Printed custom beanies logo
  • Sewing
  • Ironing and Package
  • Sample confirmed
  • Bulk Order
custom fitted hats

Draw the design in the system

Slight Bent Brim

Sew patches together


1,Custom beanies design confirm

When you want to make a beanie, at first, you should have a rough design in your mind. Or you can go to google to get a beanie pic that you like.  And prepare your own logo. Then send it to us. We can design the beanie hat for you. So we can confirm the style, color, size, and material in the first step.

2, Sample first

Then we can discuss with zycaps the sample production time, material, logo position, embroidery logo, print logo,  bulk order production time, and so on. We can make personalized bandanas and other unique promotional beanies for you. We can offer custom beanies with no minimum.


3, Choose a beanie supplier

ZYCAPS can offer a worldwide service for you. We are private label hat manufacturers, we can do full custom of your  beanies, including the embroidered logo, print logo and woven lable. We do door-to-door shipping way. In just 20 working days the beanies can be in your hand, There is no minimum order when you custom beanies in our factory.



beanie manufacturer



9. Who are our customers?

  • Gift trading company
  • Fashion brand accessories company
  • Fashion brand clothes company
  • Fashion clothes shop/accessories shop
  • Promotional Company
  • Any company that needs to promote their main products (perfect gift for the customer)Sports Team (like snowboarding, skiing, hockey, snowshoeing, skating, sledding )
  • Promotional Events
  • Company team building (perfect gift for employees)




 10. The function of the beanie

  • Keep Warm.   When you encounter snowboarding down a mountain in sub-zero temperatures. You need to wear a beanie to keep warm.
  • Fashion. A beautiful beanie not only can keep you warm, but also let you look fashionable. Many famous stars wear beanies in winter when you wear a special fashion beanie in winter, you are the most fashionable man and girl.
  • Show your individuality


beanie factory

11. How to choose a suitable beanie?

If you have a long forehead, a round beanie with pom is suitable for you.

If you have a short forehead, long beanies are suitable for you better.

If your face is white, you can wear all-color beanies.

If you are black, bright color beanies suit you better.

custom fitted hats

The right one is better fit

custom fitted hats

Light color beanie is good fit the gray clothes

custom fitted hats

light color beanies fit dark clothes

promotional hats australia

Fit for sex fashion lady

custom fitted hats

Different wear way for sex fashion lady

custom fitted hats

Fit for sex fashion lady

Slight Bent Brim

Young lady fit this pink color

Slight Bent Brim

Color and the style is really important

beanie manufacturer

light color match dark clothes



12, Which kind of other hats could our factory make?

Any baseball hatssnapbacks, knitted scarves, witner  hats, 6 panel hats, 5 panel hats and so on.


13, How many beanie factories load in china?

China, a major textile and clothing manufacturer, produces thousands of beanie hats in several thousand factories. From small, family-owned businesses to large-scale manufacturers employing hundreds of workers, these factories are located in industrial zones in major cities such as Shanghai, GuangDong Dong GUAN. China’s low labor costs and government policies support the growth of the industry, making it a dominant player in the textile industry. Despite challenges such as poor labor practices and environmental concerns, the demand for beanie hats is likely to continue to drive the industry’s growth in China.


13, What are the top 10 custom beanie manufacturers?

Custom beanies are a popular accessory that can be personalized to suit a variety of needs, from promotional events to sports teams. Here are the top 10 custom beanie factories in the world:


  • ZYCAPS(most cheapest with same quality) ,many  trading company use their manufacturer. such as CapBeast , Custom Ink and so on . Can offer Private label and recycled material too.30-50 pcs can accept .

  • CapBeast – CapBeast is a popular online custom apparel company that allows customers to design their own beanies from scratch.
  • Custom Ink – Custom Ink offers a variety of customizable beanie styles, from knit to pom-pom beanies.
  • Richardson- Richardson is a print-on-demand service that allows customers to create custom beanies with their own designs.
  • Lids – Lids offers a range of customizable beanies for sports teams and businesses.
  • LogoUp – LogoUp offers custom embroidered beanies in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Merchology – Merchology specializes in creating custom branded merchandise, including beanies, for businesses.
  • New Era- New Era offers custom beanies with embroidered logos and designs.
  • Customized Wear – Customized Wear offers a wide range of customizable beanie styles and colors.
  • Melin – Meln specializes in custom embroidered apparel, including beanies.
    In conclusion, there are many top custom beanie manufacturers in the world that offer a wide variety of customizable styles, colors, and designs to meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike. Choose the most suitable one .



14. Where to go get custom beanies?

1,Many of our USA and UK customers want to find the beanie hat manufacturer in USA or UK , in fact, when they place the order to UK or USA manufacturer , they always make order in china too . If  you make the knitted embroidered print beanie hat in china directly , it will save at least 50% of your own cost .  
2, ZYCAPS is your best choice of make  custom beanies hat manufacturer . They are very good at making it. They have made this kind of hat since 1992. Fully experienced and Professional service. Choose them, they won’t let you down.

3, We can do full custom beanies (dye material , custom material , 4 corner beanies ,6 corner beanies , any size , any logo , print beanies , perfect embroidered machine to make perfect embroidered logo, PVC logo also supplied , metal logo , fake fur pompom , real fox fur pompom , pompom with hidden buckle, any inside labels ,any woven labels , any hangtags).

4.Choose ZYCAPS as your custom beanie factory, we wont let you down!

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