Custom Knit Scarf

ZYCAPS Custom Knit Scarf focused on providing best solution way of your own brand scarf project


Just tell us your idea about custom knitted scarves, and we can make a free design for you. Same quality with lowest price arrangement.

  • cotton, acrylic, wool
  • Mini order is 200 pcs per color per design
  • Can custom embroidery
  • All color is available, according to the Cantonese card code
  • Size is according to your inquiry
  1. Send the email to your inquiry
  2. Sample confirmed
  3. Make the deposit
  4. Bulk order
  5. Delivery(By DHL/FEDEX/EMS; By Air; By Sea)
  • By DHL/FEDEX/EMS door to door(3-7days)
  • By Air Airport to Airport (3-7 days)
  • By Sea Seaport to Seaport (3-7days)

Customized Baseball caps hats size :

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Send the email to us: to get in a stock-free sample.

After you make the order, we will update you every 5 days, and send emails and pics to you about your custom caps order situation.

Track the order for you across all the cap-making processes.

Custom Scarves: The Perfect Fit for You

Customer Case


Custom scarves are a unique way to include a design or brand logo in a clothing piece. Whether you wish to make a bulk order for your business, or you just want to make a custom scarf for yourself, ZYCAPS is capable of meeting all your scarf needs.

Our company supplies all kinds of scarves of only the best quality. From custom knitted scarves to custom scarves with logos, custom football scarves, or jacquard scarves, you can be assured of receiving the best products with a customer support team to give you tips on how to sell your scarves in your country.

Custom Scarf Variety

There are a wide variety of scarves on the market. They include custom knitted scarves, custom photo scarves, custom soccer scarves, custom scarves no minimum, and custom silk scarves with logos.

Whether you need custom winter scarves, high-quality scarves, or traditionally knit scarves, we can customize them to your taste at ZYCAPS.

Nothing less.

You simply have to choose a style for your custom scarf, and we will take over from there by bringing your dream design to life.

Why Design Custom  Scarves

Many individuals use custom knitted scarves for different reasons. Take a look around. Like custom sports headbands, custom sports hats, custom snapbacks, and custom scarves are everywhere.

Here, we will be throwing light on some of the uses of custom knitted scarves we have observed over time.

They include:

  • Fundraising
  • Perfect Fit
  • Showing Appreciation to Customers
  • Building Brand Identity
  • Encouraging Team Spirit


You will probably have noticed people selling custom knitted scarves to raise funds. The truth is, it works like magic. The idea is creative and gives buyers something valuable they can use for years to come.

Little wonder why most sports teams, schools, organizations, and companies sell custom-made scarves during special events or occasions.

Once the custom scarf is attractive and high-quality, it’s easy to sell. This is because individuals will eagerly grab any opportunity to show their passion for the team they support or brand they cherish.

So, if you are looking for premium quality custom scarves for your fundraisers, you can contact us at ZYCAPS.

We utilize cutting-edge technology and opt for the best materials when creating customized scarves. We can produce the exact color, design, or pattern you crave. And it gets even better; our prices are affordable.

Perfect Fit

Custom scarves are designed to meet your specific needs. You don’t have to worry about anything because what you want is what you get.

If you want a particular color, design, style, or pattern, we can help you create it. Talk to us, and we will make it happen.

Showing Appreciation to Customers

Most business owners use custom-made scarves to appreciate their new and old customers. This has become a regular practice in fitness clubs, supplement companies, commercial gyms, and CrossFit centers.

If you would love to put a smile on your customers’ faces, gifting them custom scarves is the way to go. Reach out to us for your custom knitted scarves production.

Building Your Brand Identity

One of the best ways to promote your brand is by using custom scarves when welcoming new members to your team or during special events.

Owners of breweries and restaurants recognize its effectiveness and continue to use them to date. Get in touch with us when you need to create a custom scarf. We’ll be glad to help.

Encouraging Team Spirit

Sports lovers purchase custom-made scarves to show their passion for the teams they support. This bolsters the unity and oneness within the fan base, as many other fans wear them to spur their team to victory.

Want to cheer your team on? Wave your custom scarf in the air. Let’s help you make your custom soccer scarf, custom football scarf, and what have you just the way you like it.

Custom Knit Scarf: The Custom 4th Doctor Who Figure Scarf

One of the most popular custom scarf options on the market is the 4th Doctor Who Figure Scarf. Our custom 4th Doctor Who Figure scarf is an exciting upgrade on the scarf worn by Tom Baker while featuring in the 4th Doctor series that ran from 28 December 1974 – to 21 March 1981.

These scarves are designed with a firmer knit, never seen in times past. And what’s more, we have the iconic Doctor Who logo embroidered on the scarf.

You will appreciate the twist we added to this legendary scarf because it’s trendy and easy on the eye.

Without a doubt, you won’t feel out of place when you rock this custom 4th Doctor Who Figure scarf. It’s the perfect fit for every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

How to Produce Custom Scarves For Cheap

If you want to make custom scarves for cheap so you can resell and make a profit, follow the steps below:

  1. Identify your target audience

Before placing a bulk order on custom scarves, you first have to identify your potential customers, so you can design the kind of scarf they’ll want to buy. You should have a customer avatar that clearly shows specific information about your potential customer, including their age group, gender, values, hobbies, salaries, preferred social media platforms, etc. You can take advantage of the Google market finder to help you gain insight into your target market.

  1. Design your custom scarves based on the collated data

After collating relevant information about your target audience, you can proceed to design the kind of scarf you think will appeal to them the most. You may either make the designs yourself or hire someone to make them for you.

  1. Send your design to ZYCAPS.

Once you’ve decided on the design(s) you want to make, send a file containing them to us at ZYCAPS. We specialize in producing all kinds of headwear, including custom silk scarves with logos, custom football scarves, custom knitted scarves, printed scarves with logos, etc. We’ll send you a sample order, so you can make any adjustments before we make the final order.

Why Is It a Custom for Women to Wear Head Scarves?

Although scarves were originally used by ancient Roman men to wipe their sweat, they have now evolved to become a versatile clothing item that you’ll mostly find on women. Nowadays, it is a custom for some women to cover their hair with a headscarf.

For example, a headscarf is a crucial aspect of dressing for some Muslim, Christian, or Jewish women. Headscarves are also part of the traditional attire of many women in Africa and Asia.

The scarves are used to protect the hair and face from the sun and air pollution. They also serve as a fashion accessory. For example, a custom silk scarf can be used as a fashion statement.

All you have to do is send the design you’ll like to print on the scarf, choose the fabric, and leave the rest to us. We’ll help you create a custom scarf with a design that will exactly match the one you sent to us.

We also produce custom scarves with no minimum order quantity, so you don’t have to worry about buying more than you need. Check out our website to see the different customer cases we’ve worked on in the past, so you can rest assured of how capable we are of bringing your design to life.

Where Can I Buy Fashion Scarves With Custom Imprinted Material?

Fashion scarves can enliven your wardrobe and take your outfit from zero to a hundred in the snap of a finger. You can wear them as a pretty headwrap, a shawl, a headband, or even a belt. If you want to include fashion scarves with imprinted material in your wardrobe, you can reach out to us at ZYCAPS to help you produce them.

All you have to do is send the design you’ll like to print on the scarf, choose the fabric, and leave the rest to us. We’ll help you create a custom scarf with a design that will exactly match the one you sent to us.

We also produce custom scarves with no minimum order quantity, so you don’t have to worry about buying more than you need. Check out our website to see the different customer cases we’ve worked on in the past, so you can rest assured of how capable we are of bringing your design to life.

How to Make a Scarf

Making a custom scarf is pretty straightforward. You only have to follow a few steps, and your custom scarf will be right at your doorstep.

  1. Decide on the kind of scarf you want

The first step in making a custom scarf is deciding on the kind of custom scarf you want to have. It could be a knitted scarf, a scarf with a logo, or a printed scarf. You should also consider the shape and size of the scarf you want.

  1. Choose your preferred fabric.

You have to consider the available fabric options when making your scarf and choose the one that fits the design you have in mind. At ZYCAPS, we have different fabric options for our customers to make a selection. You can go for 100% wool, 100% acrylic, cotton, silk, or a combination of any of the materials. We will also give you free advice on the best fabric type for your scarf.

  1. Design your scarf

The appeal of a custom scarf lies in the fact that it can have any design you want, so feel free to let your creative juices flow! If you want your scarf to have a logo or a pattern, you will first have to design the logo. You can discuss the ideas for your logo with a freelancer on Upwork, who’ll help you create your scarf’s logo for a token.

  1. Send your design to us at ZYCAPS.

Send the logo or any other design you’ll want to see on your scarf to the manufacturer. We are experts at producing scarves with embroidery logos, PVC logos, 3D embroidery, and flat embroidery logo.

If you want to make a custom photo scarf, you can also send a file containing the picture you’ll like us to use. We will send you a sample of your scarf within four to seven days, so we can discuss how satisfied you are with the sample before making the final custom scarf.

  1. Make payment for your scarf and await delivery.

The total cost of your order depends on the kind of scarf you choose and your order quantity. Production time ranges from 10 to 28 working days. We offer different shipping options based on the mode of transport. Our door-to-door delivery option takes five to seven working days by air but can take up to 28 working days by air.

Where to Make Custom Soccer Scarves

Soccer scarves became popular in the United Kingdom around the early 1900s. Football fans wear soccer scarves to show support for their teams and foster team spirit among their fellow supporters. Besides being a method of enforcing camaraderie among football fans, soccer scarves also help in keeping the fans warm, especially during cold months.

The scarves usually have the color and emblem of the team that the fan supports. If you’re a football lover who wishes to own a custom football scarf or you want to make football scarves for resale, ZYCAPS has got you covered. Send the club’s design to us, and we’ll deliver your custom soccer scarves to you in no time!v

Where to Get Rivets For Custom Leather Labels For Knitted Hats

Rivets are metal pins that you use to attach labels to clothing like dresses, custom winter scarves, or knitted hats. After receiving your order of knitted hats from ZYCAPS, you may want to fix your label on the hats before selling them to your customers.

With rivets, you can easily attach your leather labels to the hats. If you’re looking for where to get rivets for your custom leather labels, check online stores, especially those that sell DIY supplies.

How Do You Change The Custom Scarf color in Bloodstained?

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is an exploration-focused side-scrolling video game set in 18th century England. In this game, player characters can wear scarves to protect themselves from damage, offer resistance to ailments, or add buffs to the character’s stats.

There are different kinds of scarves, such as the tattered scarf, fangs scarf, flame scarf, order-made scarf, etc. Each scarf has its defensive value, so the level of effectiveness of each scarf varies.

The order-made scarf protects its wearer from injury from the Bosses and Enemies. You can change the color of this scarf by visiting Todd. Todd is a demon barber that you’ll usually find in a north-western room on the west side of the Dian Cecht Cathedral fast travel point. You’ll have to equip the scarf before talking to Todd, or you won’t be able to recolor the scarf.

With rivets, you can easily attach your leather labels to the hats. If you’re looking for where to get rivets for your custom leather labels, check online stores, especially those that sell DIY supplies.

Why Choose ZYCAPS for your Custom Knit scarf?

When we say we have got you covered, we mean it. We create every kind of custom knitted scarves.

Besides this, we also ensure that the process of payment and delivery is stress-free and transparent. If you need action as proof to back up our words, we can send you a sample of our custom scarves.

Additionally, you only get to make a 50% deposit before we start production and the other 50% after production.

We also use popular payment options like PayPal, TT, and Western Union, so you don’t have any challenges with payments. Need a reliable custom print company? Contact us.




Where do I find custom knit scarf for ATL UTD?

If you want to get an Atlanta United custom scarf, visit the ZYCAPS website and place your order with us. We produce football scarves in various shapes and sizes with different fabric options for you to make a choice.

Where to make custom logo scarves in LA?

ZYCAPS can make your custom scarves and deliver them to you anywhere in the world, regardless of your location. Even if you stay in LA, you can order your custom scarves, and we’ll send them to you in no time!

How to Find Out Custom Tariff On Blank Silk Scarves From China?

Products have varying tariffs, which explains why you should check for the tariff of any product you want to import from China. Websites like E-to-China show you the rate of different products, including silk scarves. Alternatively, if you would love to purchase blank silk scarves from China and need to customize them to your taste, we will be glad to help. Contact us today.

How much is a custom knitted scarf?

The price of a custom knitted scarf depends on the complexity of the design, the size, and the material. At ZYCAPS, we give you a free quote, so you know how much your potential order may cost.

Where to make a custom scarf?

If you’re looking for where to make custom scarves, look no further! ZYCAPS makes the best high-quality scarves in any design. You can go through our social media pages to view some of our customer cases.

How much does it cost to have a custom short chiffon scarf made?

To know how much it will cost to make a short custom chiffon scarf, visit the ZYCAPS website to get a free quote.

How can I make a custom print scarf with the Printed village?

The first step to making a custom print scarf with the Printed village is to upload your design on their site. Then, you can contact their producing team to discuss how to print your design on a scarf.

Where to buy a custom scarf in Washington State?

You can buy your custom scarf from ZYCAPS, and we’ll send it to you wherever you are, including Washington state! We make all kinds of scarves such as custom knitted scarves, scarves with logos, printed scarves, or even a custom 4th doctor who figure scarf.

How to make a custom print scarf?

Making a custom print scarf is pretty easy. Choose the design you want to make, send it to us at ZYCAPS, and your custom scarves will be produced and shipped to you in a few days.


If you want to custom ball hats&caps, ZYCAPS can offer no minimum order, all kinds of embroidery logos, and the best solution way according to your project application. Choose ZYCAPS, We won’t let you down!