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June 7, 2018

How to make custom hats?

Where can I make custom hats with my own logo?

What is the best cheap custom hat manufacturer in china?

How can I find a good custom snapback hat manufacturer with a reasonable price to make our own caps?

These questions always come out in your mind, Let us answer your questions . custom hats new era

You can make all kinds of custom embroidered hats in ZYCAPS manufacturer, they are caps manufacturer which has their own embroidery machine shop (the embroidery machine is imported from Japan ), and they have customized caps since 1992, So they are a family company, their grandpa open this company. It is their third generation.

When you custom hats in ZYCAPS manufacturer, There are 5 points about custom hats you must know, Please check :

Tjerecustom hats lids

Point One: This is the video of custom hats, and making caps steps please check:

Buy material -Cut material- Make embroidery- Sew the patches together- Sew the air Hole- Fixed the top button -Fixed the back buckle (Or plastic strap)-Ironing hats- Quality Check- Packaging

ZYCAPS check every step very strictly, that is the reason why they always can make caps out beautiful, for they are professional.

Point Two: What kind of caps of ZYCAPS good at making?

ZYCAPS is good at making all kinds of custom hats, such as custom trucker hats, custom baseball hats, custom beanies, baseball caps, custom football visors, golf caps, bucket hats, embroidery caps, and bowler hats, berets, and so on.

And ZYCAPS has cooperated with many famous brands: CK, POLO, FLEXFIT, ADDIDAS, FARRERI, LAST KING, and so on. So we have the ability to make your brand hats out and beautiful. Please check these pics.

custom hats1



More pics: https://www.instagram.com/custom_headwear/

Point Three: Why ZYCAPS can offer good quality products at a reasonable price?

1, ZYCAPS has made caps since 1992, so they have enough experience to make the caps out beautiful. And ZYCAPS has cooperated with many famous brands, such as Lasting, NewEra, POLO, Farreri, CK, Addidas, and so on.

2, ZYCAPS has their own embroidery machine shop, that let them make and adjust the most important part ( embroidery ) of custom caps better, and custom hats out faster than other factories.

3, ZYCAPS’ common material suppliers are the material factory, they get the material from the 100% cotton material and 100% acrylic material directly from the factory, so their price and quality of the material will be better than many other factories.

4, ZYCAPS has a strictly quick control system, they check the caps carefully, so there are no defective products when you receive the caps.

5, You can custom any material caps in ZYCAPS, for the material market is beside us, and we have a purchasing man who is always in the material market to find the right material for you.

Point Four: What is the process of custom sample hats in ZYCAPS manufacturer?

1, We will make a rough design cap out at first for you to check, such as:

rough design

2, We will make the production file for ourself machine shop, it will confirm everything is right, won’t make any mistake out. 

production file

production file

3, When we make the embroidery out, we will take pics for you to check:

check embriodery

4, After confirming everything, we will make the caps. 

So don’t hesitate to contact us for custom hats now. Our email is sales@zycapsfactory.com,  And our WhatsApp is: +8618570327787

Point Five: What are the ZYCAPS  Special Options?

1, Special custom hats top button – Can carve your own logo on it.  cheap custom hats with no minimum

custom hats top button

custom hats top button

2, Special customized back buckle- Can Emboss your own logo on it. 

custom hats back buckle

custom hats back buckle

3, Specially customized metal front logo – Can make any design your like. 

custom hats metal front logo

custom hats metal front logo

4, Specially customized leather logo-Can make any design your like 

5, Specially customized  glue plastic seal- Can make any design you’re like 

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