5 points about custom hats you must to know!

How to make custom hats ? Where can i  make custom hats with my own logo? Whats is the best cheap custom hats manufacturer in china ?  How can i find a good custom snapback hats manufacturer with reasonable price to make our own caps ?   These questions always come out in your mind , Let us answer your questions . custom hats new era

You can make all kinds of custom embroidered hats in ZYCAPS manufacturer , they are caps manufacturer which have their own embriodery machine shop (the embriodery machine is import from Japan ), and they have customized caps since 1992  , So they are family company , their grandpa open this company . It is their third generation .   

When you custom hats in ZYCAPS manfacturer , There are 5 points about custom hats you must to know , Please check :

Tjerecustom hats lids

Point One: This is the vedio of custom hats, making caps steps please check:

Buy material -Cut material- Make embriodery- Sew the patches together- Sew the air Hole- Fixed the top botton -Fixed the back buckle (Or plastic strap)-Ironing hats- Quality Check- Packageing 

ZYCAPS check every steps very strictly ,that is the reason why they always can make caps out beautiful, for they are proffesional .

Point Two:What is kind caps of ZYCAPS goot at making?

ZYCAPS are good at making all kinds of custom hats , such as custom trucker hats, custom baseball hats ,custom beanies , baseball caps , custom football visor , golf caps , bucket hats , embriodery caps ,bowler hats , beret and so on .

And ZYCAPS has cooprate with many famous brand :  CK, POLO, FLEXFIT , ADDIDAS, FARRERI , LASTKING  and so on . So we have ability to make your brand hats out and beautiful .  Please check these pics .

custom hats1

custom hats1

custom embroidered flexfit hats

hats snapback

More pics : https://www.instagram.com/custom_headwear/

Point Three:Why ZYCAPS can offer your good quality products with reasonable price ?

1,ZYCAPS has made caps since 1992, so they have enough experience to make the caps out beautiful . And ZYCAPS has cooperate with many famous brand , such as Lastking , NewEra , POLO , Farreri  , CK , Addidas and so on .

2,ZYCAPS has their own embriodery machine shop , that let them make and adjust the most important part ( emberiodery ) of custom caps more better , and custom hats out faster than other factories  .

3,ZYCAPS  common material suppliers are the material factory ,they get the material from the 100% cotton material and 100% acrylic material directly from factory ,  so their price and quality of material will be better than many other factories .

4, ZYCAPS has strictly quick control system , they check the caps carefully , so there are no defect products when you receive the caps .

5, You can custom any material caps in ZYCAPS , for the material market is besides us , and we have an purchasing man who always in the material market to find the right material for you .

Point Four: What is the process of custom sample hat in ZYCAPS manufacturer ?

1, We will make a rough design cap out at first for you to check, such as:

rough design

2, We will make the production file for ourself machine shop , it will comfrim everything is right  , wont make any mistake out . 

production file

production file

3, When we make the embriodery out , we will take pics to you to check:

check embriodery

check embriodery

4, After comfrim everything , we will make the caps . 

So dont hesitate to contact with us to custom hats now . Our email is : sales@zycapsfactory.com ,  And whatsapp is: +8618570327787

Point Five: What are the ZYCAPS  Special Options ?

1, Special custom hats top button – Can carving your own logo on it .  cheap custom hats no minimum

custom hats top button

custom hats top button

2, Special customized back buckle- Can Embossing  your own logo on it . 

custom hats back buckle

custom hats back buckle

3, Special  customized metal front logo – Can make any design your like . 

custom hats metal front logo

custom hats metal front logo

4, Special customized leather logo-Can make any design your like 

5, Sepcial customized  glue plastic seal- Can make any design your like 

custom hats glue logo

custom hats glue logo