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May 1, 2022

Confirm your own special logo and design is really very important when you want to custom beanies for your business or promotional beanies hats.

You can come to to get the design Or you can ask Zycaps team to design it for you.

If you are a brand caps company. You can go to,, or to check which kind of beanies is most popular in your country, then have your own idea about your own beanies, then ask the designer to design them out for u.

PVC logos, print, and mixed embroidery logos are very popular these days.

2, Choose the material

If you need print hats, the material you just can choose cotton cloth-like material

High-quality beanies always choose wool material

The common brand will choose acrylic, it is really soft and comfortable too

Wool material, acrylic material can use embroidery logo, PVC logo, and woven patches for the front logo

3, Confirm the beanie’s Size

It is really very important. The beanies is flexfit . Some country people head is big, really need a bigger size, we can accept custom all kinds of size beanies as your inquiry. Common size is 21 cm width , 7 cm folded part , 22cm height .

Welcome to custom size

4, Make a sample

The sample is really important to let your know if the hat fits you or not, size, embroidery, print, and others. You can do any adjustments before bulk order production.
So we cant save money on samples if we do serious business.

5, Choose the factory which can make out the logo beautiful

Many factors can make the beanies out beautiful, but not all the factories can make the embroidery out beautiful. The embroidery on the beanies always needs a high-level embroidery machine and a working way.

So choose ZYCAPS, their embroidery logo really beautiful. Please check this case :

Design :

custom beanies

The products we made out:

custom beanies  

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