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January 22, 2022

How to make custom beanies with the logo ?/ How to get a custom beanie?

1. About how to custom beanies. First, please prepare one beanie pic which you like and your own brand logo.

2. Send these files to us, We can make the beanies design for you.

3. Tell us the function and effect you want to get from beanies.

4. We will advise the most suitable material ( 30% wool, 50%wool, 70% wool, 100% acrylic, 100% cotton) and a most suitable logo
(embroidery, print, metal) to you.

5. Sample beanies made out (5-7 days make beanies out, 7 days shipping time)

6. Confirm and discuss with each other the sample beanies.

7. Bulk order (20 working days)

8. We can offer door-to-door shipping for you. ( By air:5-7 working days, By sea: 28 working days.)

How to make custom embroidered beanies for resale?

1. When you want to resale your own brand of beanies as a business. At first, you have to draw your customer’s pic in your mind.
Including their age, gender, salary, and Hobby. You can use google Market finder to get the preliminary data. (

2. Then you can check Instagram, some beanies resale websites, some winter hats accessories stores, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy to know the resale beanies price

3. You can find some freelancers from to design your own beanies for you. Or we can help you to design the beanies with
the logo which you offer to us.

4. Then you can read the previous conversation on this page to finish your caps production

5. Take some beanies pics, then sell them on the internet or shop.

Where to go to make custom beanies?/Where you can make custom beanies with pom?

Choose ZYCAPS, they are the best choice for you to custom beanies. They can custom all kinds of beanies.

For example custom beanies with logo, custom embroidered beanies(flat embroidery /3D embroidery), 4 corner beanies, and 6 corner beanies.

Wool beanies, Acrylic beanies, cotton beanies, custom beanies no minimum, custom beanies with pom, custom knit beanies.

Just tell us which kind of beanies you want to get, and we can give you the best suitable solution way to you. Including material, price, and logo.

Why do we need to wear beanies?

Keep warm in winter.
It is very fashionable and cool when you wear a personalized beanie.

How to choose a suitable beanie?

Different faces are suitable with a different beanie.

If you have a long face, a cute pompom beanie will fit you well.

If you have a round face, you can choose a long and colorful beanie.

If you have a perfect oval face, any beanies can fit you.

Which kind of beanies can we customize?

ZYCAPS can custom all kinds of beanies which you can see from google.

Custom beanies with logo, custom embroidered beanies, custom knit beanies, custom beanies with pom, and so on.

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